Bruce-Robert Pocock

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Bruce-Robert Pocock

As a senior programmer with experience spanning the videogame and financial services industries, I've proven my ability to lead teams and develop highly reliabile, maintainable, and flexible software in many different languages and environments.

Scrum Alliance® Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM)

Curriculum Vitæ

Software Developer, Adaxa Technologies (formerly Managed Care of North America Systems, formerly a part of Managed Care of North America / MCNA Dental)

2012-2019 Adaxa provides software services that adjudicate dental claims, issue payments, and communicate eligibility, authorization, and adjudication results with a variety of private and State actors.

Bruce is a well-rounded and knowledgeable individual. Has demonstrated thorough knowledge of technology as well as our industry. — Kenneth Tilton, (then) Director of Software Development, MCNA Systems, 2013

Operations Manager and Chief Engineer, Corporation for Inter-World Tourism and Adventuring

2018-present Tootsville Ⅴ is a new, massively distributed, multiplayer on-line persistent world built using a set of compact, mostly REST-ful cloud services and extensive HTML5 and Javascript front-end and middle-tier systems. Common Lisp, Javascript, Linux, GNU Make, AWS, OpenStack, Travis CI, HTML5, WebGL, WebRTC, BabylonJS, CouchDB, MariaDB, MemCacheD, distributed, Apache, HTTPS, Hunchentoot, parallel, REST, near-real-time.

Software Developer, LSI, Inc. Training Devices Division

2011-2012 Instructor/Operator Station application stack for management of their immersive (i.e. hardware/software) simulation devices, particularly the AH-64D Apache Longbow gunship's LCDSTT. Linux; C++, FORTRAN, ADA, Perl; OpenGL, X11; TCP/IP, distributed real-time

Senior Software Developer, iMobile3

2011 (brief) Ported an Objective-C iOS (iPhone) application to Android (Java) platform.

Chief Technical Officer, HuddleHub

2010-2011 Served as CTO and lead programmer of startup company focusing on fantasy sports gaming services. Java, REST, AJAX, SQL, XML, Amazon

Chief Engineer, Res Interactive, LLC (Tootsville)

2008-2010 Tootsville, a colorful, family-friendly, non-violent MMO-RPG about singing cartoon elephants called Toots, built up a small but loyal player base, largely English-speaking school-age children. The core server platform, Romance 1.1, provided 24×7 reliability, with zero downtime for over a year and load-tested capacity of over 1,500 users per node. (I am the primary architect & developer of “Romance.”)

There are people who work in the box, and then there are those who work outside of the box. When it comes to Bruce, the box never existed in the first place. — Chris Brunner, CTO, Res Interactive

Software Engineer: eFlyte, Inc

2003-2006 developed, altered, and maintained software for embedded in-flight entertainment computer systems, including video gaming, destination information, and hybrid e-mail/SMS messaging programs. i18n/l10n, C/C++, x86 Assembler, PowerPC, Framebuffer, embedded

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